migme Partner Program

Are you a professional artist? Do you create original content? If so, please join thousands of our valued migme Partners in connecting with fans from all over the world. No matter what type of artist, athlete or content creator you are, we can help you increase your fan base and make money in the process!

Partner Reward Program

migme offers Partners the opportunity to earn cash rewards on migme.

1. Earn cash worth 50% of the value of the gifts you receive on migme

If a fan sends a yacht (worth US$100) to you, you earn US$50!


If a few fans send multiple hugs and kisses (with a total value of US$500) to you, you earn US$250!


2. Limited Offer: Earn monthly cash bonus if you are one of the Partners who is most engaged with your fans on migme.

A limited number of monthly cash bonuses are awarded to Partners who are actively engaging with their fans on migme. The more fans you engage, the more cash bonus you will receive.

The bonuses are ranked by level and the amounts are currently:


Please note: The engagement bonus is meant as an additional bonus on top of the share of the gift revenue. This is designed to help new Partners who are active on the platform but may not have built a fan base on migme to receive gifts from yet.

New Partners

Are you a professional artist or creator of original content? Do you have at least 10,000 legitimate fans providing quality, authentic interaction on one of your social media accounts? Apply here for our verified partner on migme and reap the benefits!

New Partners

Existing Partners

Already a partner? Update your contact and payment information here.

Please confirm your migme ID to update your information.

Existing Partners

Important notes about applying for the partner program:

  • You must have a migme account to sign-up, please confirm your identity on migme and complete our application form for consideration.
  • This program is open only to original content creators. Accounts which repost the content of others or are not related to content creators or artists are not eligible and will be rejected.
  • migme will vet your external social media accounts for content quality and legitimate followers.
  • All decisions are final. Repeated applications by rejected migme users will be rejected automatically and the migme accounts will be shut down permanently.